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Our Story

“Mother-daughter everything,” is our personal motto. We do almost everything together, from
shopping and laughing, to late night favorite tv shows. Of course we said, “Let’s go into
business together!”

And...we did.

We started with just bed frames. Things were going pretty well, we even made enough money
for “Christmas in March” (we have six family members with a birthday in March). Our customers kept asking us, “Do you sell mattresses?”

And...we didn’t.

So, we bought our first load of quality, brand new mattresses in all sizes. We sold out, and
decided to go into official business. We continue to do well, because to be honest, other
mattress stores jack the prices up so very much.

And...we don’t.

*Here’s where you may be tired of the story, and can start shopping with this link:

We sell high quality pillow-top and memory foam mattresses in all sizes and with gel to keep
you cool and comfy. Whether you are in the Idaho’s Treasure Valley or the Magic Valley, we
have two showplaces for your convenience. We can drop ship almost anywhere in the U.S. We deliver to your door FREE SHIPPING!

Oh, we almost forgot! Knowing that box springs are bulky and spendy, we are getting back to
our roots by selling adjustable as well as platform bed frames too!

And...we do.

We’ve got you covered,
-The Mattress Queens

P.S. People love our mattresses (and us).
And...they do because we are "amazeballs"!

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