Frequently asked questions

Do these mattresses require a box spring?

Whether or not your mattress will need a box spring depends on the type of bed frame you have. If you buy a platform frame from us you will not need a bulky box spring ;). If you don't have a platform bed frame you will need a box spring or you can always just put the mattress on the ground without anything. It's your preference.

How long until the mattress is full shape?

If you buy a full foam mattress it will take 48 hours for it to get to full shape. If you buy a pillow top it will only take a couple of hours.

Are these factory seconds?

Nope, these mattresses are factory firsts. Great quality!

Does being rolled up hurt the mattress?

No it does not unless it is left in the box for a very long time. However this is unlikely to cause serious damage.

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